The Real Life James Bond Laser Watch

It may not be able to cut through the floor of a bomb-laden train to escape the evil clutches of a Russian crime syndicate a la GoldenEye (an all too common occurence), but thanks to an inventive chap with a penchant for Bond-like gadgets, you may be able to zap balloons, ignite matches and a plethora of other bizarre exciting party tricks with a real-life laser beam watch.

Laser enthusiast, Patrick Priebe has designed a very industrial-looking timepiece that both tells the time and emits a strong 1,500-milliwatt beam that can literally burn through walls (if, of course, your house is made from re-used CD-R cases).The only catch? The battery only lasts around 10 minutes. As you’d expect, a watch that boasts an actual real laser beams takes a lot of power to run.

Priebe also makes a range of other laser-obliterating apparatuses, including guns, gloves and more – all of which are available upon request. It’s no deadly-laser-packing-Omega Seamaster, but hey – it’s probably as close as you’ll get to Bond’s fictional arsenal.

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