See No Evil Bristol – Final Walls

A few days ago, the international urban art festival See No Evil finished in Bristol! The project, which once a year brings together a selection of the world’s best street artists, again resulted in a huge outdoor gallery with lots of new, colorful painted murals based on and around Nelson Street…

The See No Evil arts project represented hundreds of elements and styles of the street art world descending on one busy city centre. The building owners each give permission for the painting to take place including; a restaurant, youth centre, office blocks, student living accommodation, police station and a bridge/overpass. After the buildings have been painted and the final pieces finished, the event climaxes with a New York style Block Party that brings together all the aspects of the street art scene, welcoming the public to share their work.

This year, famous urban artists like SheOneStikMr. JagoL’AtlasNychos,Conor HarringtonCantwoM-CityMark LykenRoaPixelpancho and many more joined See No Evil Bristol and extended the See No Evil 2011 walls with new, fresh, creative stuff!

Check out the shots from the work!

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