Sermon’s Domain Interviews Problem [Video]

Fresh off of the relaunch of his well-respected hip-hop blog, Sermon of Sermon’s Domain drops an awesome exclusive interview with Cali rapper Problem. The two discuss how he linked with Childish Gambino for “Sweatpants,” which artists he likes working with most, when he expects to drop his debut album and how it will sound, and more. Check out a full break down below.

If he thinks fans appreciate EDM-Hip Hop collaborations (0:31)
How he linked up with Childish Gambino (1:21)
Who he has the most fun working with (2:15)
When he expects to drop his debut album (2:38)
How “Andale” came together (2:58)
The sound of his album (3:57)
Is Million Dollar Afro 2 happening? (4:28)
Reveals he’ll be doing an album with Bad Lucc and one producer (4:58)

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