Axel Void Takes to The Streets Of Chennai in India

Axel Void is currently touring through India where he spent a few days working on the streets of Chennai, the capital city of the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

This wall is part of the “Mediocre” series. This mural is situated in the main entrance of the Greenways Train Station. It shows the portrait of Krishnaveni, an old lady that sleeps and lives right next to the wall. This station is a very live and particular place. It has the train tracks crossing over a very polluted and dirty canal, a corner where alcoholics often hang out; a small temple directly on the side of the river and vendors along the street that sell food and flowers. It also conforms the entrance to one of the slums, in which the wall is the first thing they see when they come out to the street.

Hit the jump for a series of new images on this artwork and keep checking back with us for more murals from Ax

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