Interview: Rising Songstress Alus Sits Down To Talk About What’s Next, NJ Music Scene, All Def Digital & More

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With a tremendous amount of excitement Mechanical Dummy is pleased to introduce you to Alus. If you are a daily visitor of the site you’re most likely very familiar with the twenty-one year old songstress as we have been following her movement for some time now. With her All Def Digital single ‘Ordinary Girl’ buzzing throughout the world the gorgeous singer, pianist and guitarist sits down with MD and interestingly allows us to dissect her thoughts.

1) Your single “Ordinary Girl” continues to spread to a larger and larger audience each and every day… The fact that you premiered the video on Idolator and have gained consistent support from HNHH and powerhouse New York radio stations, 105.1 and 97.1 is tremendous. How does it feel to come this far at such an early age of twenty-one?

I feel so blessed. I wouldn’t be in this position if I wasn’t for an incredible team as well. I’m just taking one day at a time working the hardest I’ve ever worked before. When I see the hard work paying off and people that are receptive to the music, it ignites me to work even harder. This is just the beginning.

2) Everyone wants to know what the next move is! What can we expect next from Alus beyond your single Ordinary Girl?

I’m working with a lot of different producers right now on new music, so when the time is right.. You’ll see 😉

3) It has been over a year now since you dropped off Alustrious, I think I speak for the fans when I say “When can we expect a second offering from Alus”?

Another mixtape will be coming out by this spring/summer.

4) A year later, what is your favorite track off of your debut project Alustrious?

I always find myself relapsing in my music back to my favorite song off that mixtape, Relapse.

5) Not only do you do quite a lot of entertaining but a good amount of work for many charitable causes besides just being a singer. When our viewers and more listeners begin to catch on to your music even more what do you want them to know Alus for and be remembered as?

I want them to remember Alus as a hard working entertainer. I was born a hard worker. It’s just in my blood. I want to impact someone’s life through my music.

6) New Jersey seems to be holding you down quite a bit as you continue to hit your state papers, shows, and even landed support from NJ.Com . Do you have any advice for other aspiring NJ artists?

If you’re an aspiring artist.. perfect your craft, work hard every day, and understand that patience is key. Things don’t happen over night. But when they DO happen, you should always be ready to show that you’re the truth.

7) With Fetty Wap and yourself putting on for NJ in two different genres you are both beginning to inspire a wave of quality rappers and singers that are popping up out of no where. Is New Jersey on the rise? Any specific artists you would love to work with out of New Jersey or are your eyes on someone else?

New Jersey is definitely putting on lately. There must be something in the water because so much talent comes from this state. I think it’s great. Fetty would be a dope combo. I know Missy Elliot lives in Jersey, and I’ve always been a huge fan of her work. That’d be a dream come true.

8) You seem to have a lot of fans that love your style, who are your favorite designers and what do you like to wear when going out? Do you consider yourself a “Fashonista”?

I love fashion like any girl does. I’ll shop anywhere… You can find me shopping at Neiman Marcus trying on Givenchy or a thrift store trying on a vintage a Karl Lagerfeld dress. Fashion is a mood to me, so however I feel is how I dress for that day. Black is my favorite color so you can usually find me in black even though I told myself I would add color to my wardrobe in 2015!

9) What drew you to working with All Def Digital?

In 2015, I believe that social media and the internet is so essential to mainstream success because pop culture is in a digital age. So I love that they are a digital platform that provides to music lovers who enjoy new artists. It was a perfect fit considering I’m so heavily involved in my social media when it comes to my music. I also jumped at the opportunity because Steve Rifkind and Russell Simmons are two music industry veterans who have discovered some of the greatest acts of all time.

10) It’s not always easy to give life a chance and go against the odds. You seem to have taken advantage of the opportunity and proven to be a serious artist in your field. What is your biggest advice for anyone wanting to chase their dreams or do something they were told they couldn’t possibly do?

As cliche as it sounds, believing in yourself is key in success. If someone tells you it’s not possible, prove them wrong.

11) Lara Croft VS. James Bond VS. Bruse Wayne?

Lara Croft is just such a badass. She wins every time.

12) Piano or Guitar?

That’s hard because I like doing a lot of things with my hands.

13) Panera or Chipotle?

Panera. I’m like VIP status there.

14) Katy Perry or Nicki Minaj?

I love them both! But since Nicki Minaj’s album just came out, I’ll say her. Her skill is incredible.

15) Young Thug or Lil Wayne?


16) Marvel Vs. DC?

Marvel. Because of The Avengers. Simple as that.

17) Favorite show/movie on Netflix?

I love that Netflix has Breakfast At Tiffany’s. It’s a one of my favorite classics.

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