Aec (Interesni Kazki) Reveals His Recent Mural In Verkala, India

While you were recently discovering the new works by Waone from Interesni Kazki in Varkala, India, the other part of the Ukrainian art duo, AEC, was working on his piece in the same area. Titled “Seller of Black Holes”, this piece is painted on a local house on the waterfront in Varkala.
The image shows local guy who sells Black Holes along with other typical produces at the local market. Sitting across him is a blue hand being, which represents the local God spirit. In the center of image, one of Black Holes is absorbing a tourist, man from the Western world, together with his camera, flip flops and his purse. The story of this mural symbolize the ways tourists are getting involved in local Indian religious traditions and rituals, and getting lost in it.

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