The Digital Machiavelli: The Five Laws of Wealth & Power [Audiobook]

From the same creators of the THINC Audiobook series, Scott Mckenzie and Jameson Bennett, we get a free new audiobook titled The Digital Machiavelli: The Five Laws of Wealth & Power. 
Using the knowledge earned from working in the marketing industry with companies including McDonald’s, Billionaire Boys Club, Reebok, Y-3 & Donna Karan, Scott offers his perspective and simplifies the process of incorporating patents, licensing, franchising, royalties & trademarks into any business model.
Great Scott also breaks down the carefully crafted illusion of choice consumers are faced by both corporations and mass media. The goal is to help listeners to gain a better understanding of exploitation, the harsh unwritten rules of life and to increase their overall social intelligence that will benefit them in both their professional and personal lives. This free project is a must listen for any entrepreneur looking to start or grow their business in the digital age and is available for downloading and streaming on Soundcloud.
Chapter 1- The Dangers Of A Good Example (14:45)
Chapter 2- You Need The Corny Shit To Make The Hot Shit Hot (1:10:34)
Chapter 3- Create the Category (1:35:18)
Chapter 4- Causality (2:12:47)
Chapter 5- The Internet Celebrity aka CeWebity, The New Age Lemonade Stand(3:01:11)


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