Young G’z: Meech Merlo

Mechanical Dummy had the chance to chop it up with Queens-bred MC Meech Merlo and get in his head. Learn more about the talented artist, including his early influences, his future plans, and dream collabs!

So Meech, first of all tell us about yourself. Where are you from?

Well I’m from this lil’ place called Far Rockaway, Queens & I’m really just a real down to earth person who has a passion for music.

What made you want to pursue a career as a rapper?
Since a youth, I always had a love for writing poetry & growing up in the era of greats like Biggie & Pac really gave me a drive to want to be just like them in ways.

Do you think where you’re from influenced you to become an artist? How?
Definitely, New York in general embodies the Hip-Hop Culture and fortunately for me I was a little better at putting words together than most of my peers, haha.

Who are your top influences and why?
Stack Bundles and Nas are definitely top 2 influences for me.. I don’t know if you have any idea of where I’m from but growing up in The ‘Rock, Stack was like a savior to us – he gave us hope of making it out one day & becoming somebody other than who we were at the time.

You say that you feel like hip-hop needs more artists like you. Tell us why you feel that way.
I’ll be blunt.. I mean artists that can really MAKE MUSIC. These days I turn the radio on and yeah, the music is knocking but 85% all sounds the same there’s no originality or substance. I could go on for days to say why me, but I’ll just sign off at shoutouts to the 15% – keep killing em’.

What about the current state of hip-hop do you think needs to be changed, and how do you think it can be done?
I think Hip-Hop itself isn’t in a horrific state. We are arguably the most influential culture in the world, I just think we need to shine more light on talent and not the gimmick of things.

Where do you hope to see yourself next year?
I just wanna touch the people through my music & change lives forever.. if that gets me on billboards & maybe even a Grammy, God Bless.

If you could collab with 3 artists of your choice, who would they be?
Jhene Aiko, Nas, Kanye.

If you could tour with 3 artists, who would they be?
Kanye because of his crazy performances. J. Cole – I got a chance to see him and his stage presence is dope and Travis $cott, his energy & sound is crazy.

Do you have any projects coming soon?
“Far Too Long” will be released this Summer.

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