Ron English unveils a new piece at The Bowery Mural in New York City

There is not much to say about Ron English other than he is a living legend. The godfather of the billboard takeover, creator of countless satirical and iconic figures that are the epitome of what “street art” was, is, and will always hope to be. I have had the pleasure over the past couple years to chat with Ron about intellectual property law and street art, and all I can tell you is that he has spent more time arguing IP cases in front of judges then I have ; ). Ron has blessed NYC once again with a stunning new piece at the famed Bowery Mural Wall located at Bowery & E. Houston featuring a “Temper Tot” mid rage pasted over a mosaic of an American flag comprised of every Ron English work you could ever imagine. The piece acts almost like a “best of” or “Idiots Guide” to the revolutionary body of work that is Ron English.

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