Blu paints a brand new piece in Chiomonte, Italy

While we last heard from him in Campobasso a few days ago, Blu has now reached the the Province of Turin in the Italian region of Piedmont where he just finished working on a brand new piece in the city of Chiomonte.
Using Street Art as an act of resistance, Blu came to Chiomonte to support four activists who were recently charged for “Corruption”. As Blu arrived, the Police was already on location close to the Chiomonte’s city center where the wall was located. Forced to move to a new location under a bridge, the Italian artist was inspired to create this powerful piece that could be dubbed “The Train, The Serpent and The Capital”. Money is encircled by bulldozers which are encircled by police vehicles which are encircled by a snake train which is bitting its own tail.. Simple and genial as usual with Blu.

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