Young G’z: Breeze Park

Virginia has been a breeding ground for talented artists as of late, and with no two sounding alike, everyone has found something they can be a fan of from the state. 4-man group Breeze Park has something everyone can like though – straight up good music. With recent co-signs from some of your favorite rappers, it’s only a matter of time before they really blow. Mechanical Dummy recently had the chance to chop with the young emcees. Check it out.


Mechanical Dummy: So, you guys are coming off the high of releasing your Strangers EP. What does that mean for the brand and the Virginia music scene as a whole?

Breeze Park: We’re definitely super excited at the response we got from our first real release. For the brand, it’s huge for us because we wanted to introduce ourselves as artists in a way that really portrayed who we are and what we feel. After months and months of putting ‘Strangers’ together – it’s beyond rewarding to be able to feel that connection with fans and know that they understand who we are not only as artists but individuals too, that’s huge for any brand in our opinion. As for the VA scene, it’s icing on the cake to be honest, VA has a crazy pot of artists coming out right now who are making a lot of noise. We’re happy to add fuel to that fire.

MD: Other than Chris Brown (lol) who are some other R&B artists you guys would like to collaborate with in the future?

BP: Haha, well we definitely love working with singers but we’d for sure love to work with the likes of Frank Ocean, Erykah Badu, and Kehlani too. Those would probably be the top 3 at the moment.

MD: What was the process like creating this project and how does it differ from anything you guys have put out before?

BP: This process was really crazy. We had to have made 3 full length projects over the course of a year before we got what ended up being ‘Strangers.’ It was constant creation and just madness through the whole thing for sure so the fact that it’s out and it’s done is weird to think about haha. We’ve never done anything like this at all, our first project ‘Hip Hop Still Lives’ was really just a compilation tape that we didn’t have any intention of releasing when we made those songs. So to have such a complete & conceptual project under our belt for our first real effort gives us a lot of pride and we’re super excited for what’s next as far as projects go.

MD: Who were you most surprised about showing love when it was released?

BP: We were super excited to see that Pusha T showed love and gave the project a push. It helped for sure and to have someone like Pusha who’s a vet from our area especially let us know he’s supporting was a big thing for us. Shout out to King Push for supporting, no doubt.

MD: Now that the audio is out, what videos can we expect to see drop off soon?

BP: We actually just released our second video off the project for the song ‘Pure,’ which was produced by Tekdotlun. That video was directed by the homie Stunnashade and it’s a movie for sure, so everyone should go check that out. Other than that, we do have some ideas and things being thrown around for more visuals for sure but nothing set in stone yet so just be on the look out because whatever we do next will be dope for sure.

MD: Is music the only thing y’all do at the moment? Or do you have day jobs?

BP: At this moment, music isn’t the only thing we’re doing. We’ve all got day jobs. We’re working but music is our top priority so we’re just working to keep those studio lights on and the music flowing!

MD: What is the hardest struggle about being an independent artists, in your opinion?

BP: Probably building your connections from scratch. When you’re independent and starting out in this game, everything is on you and you’re pretty much isolated on day one. So everything you wanna be able to do, you gotta build connects to get to. Whether it’s a feature you want, a producer you wanna work with, or a music video you want to make with a videographer, you gotta go out and try and bridge the gap between you and them. There’s no calling up the label and telling them to set up a meeting. You gotta rely solely on your craft/art to reach the people you wanna reach. But we don’t have a problem doing that at all, were confident that what we’re putting out is gonna lead us in those directions.

MD: Any labels your interested in being signed to?

BP: At the moment, we’re willing to hear from anybody, we’re hella open minded to working with anyone no matter what it may be, so it’s no different with a label. We’re definitely down with what Fools Gold, Interscope, 300, and Atlantic are doing right now though, to name a few.

MD: What’s the future of BreezePark looking like in 5 years?

BP: We just hope to be on a platform that we can reach millions from. A place where our art has no limits and everyone is tuned in. We’re hella excited for the future and this journey & we’re definitely out to make noise and take over the scene.

MD: Last words?

BP: Thanks for taking the time to interview us and show love! Stay tuned in, we got a lot more coming soon.

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