Uno the Activist feat. ThouxanbanFauni – Parkin Lot Pimpin’

“Had to role my window down to serve this boy and he came to me with change I do not know this boy!” – Fauni

Uno the Activist and Fauni Taaj Keem (ThouxanbanFauni) dropped one of the hottest singles of 2015 with “Parkin Lot Pimpin”. This needs to be every pushers anthem right here because the whole track is heat rock about serving that heat rock. Shadowmane produced the beat and the instrumental alone captures you in the first few seconds and before these two say anything on the record, you already know it’s going to be lit. These two just have a certain energy that they bring to the record because they’re young and don’t give a fuck. If you’re older than 21 this joint right here will make you want to hit the block, make money and spend it on some strippers for a night.

I haven’t been this excited about an artist in a long while, although 2015 is arguably the greatest year in hip hop in the past 5 years, Lately I can’t say that I’ve been listening to what I’m “supposed” to be listening to (Action Bronson, Chance the Rapper, A$AP Rocky etc.). Don’t get me wrong; those artists came out with great albums and definitely added some more colors on the palette for spring/summer 2015 but this one song made me forget about most of the artists with a hot name *pause*

Artists like : Uno the Activist, Fauni, Terrance Escobar, Playboi Carti, Banboi and many more have been shaking the whole industry up. Make sure you stream this joint sippin on a Texas, driving in a Lexus.



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