(Video) Cali’s Jay Blaze #HaterzStayBack



There always will be haters but recent events have truly brought them out of the woodwork. Things have been so crazy it’s been hard to tell if we were going back to segregation or on the brink of a holy war. Cali native Jay Blaze has written a song for the ages with #HaterzStayBack, the title track of his recently released EP.  The hashtag has literally gone viral many times over as people create memes for their own ‘haterz’ topic dujour to share across their socials. This inspired Jay Blaze to make t-shirts bearing the hashtag and the response has been overwhelming. The demand is there. People are dying to rock one. Apparently we’ve all got them in one way or another and our collective desire to shake them seems universal. Be sure to grab your shirt on Jay’s website and enjoy the video after the jump.


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