Hog Daily – “Money Buys Time” [Video]

The HOGDAILY collective is back and on their hustle in their latest offering: the visuals for their single “Money Buys Time.”

House of God Daily is a full-service urban wellness/lifestyle brand that gets busy in the kitchen, and is out in the street slangin’ a few things; nothing illicit, we’re talking alkaline water, healthy eats, and personal training services. HOGDAILY’s founder, Shemesh, took Jay Z’s line “I am a hustler, baby; I’ll sell water to a well,” quite literally when forming the squad, which is made up of Shemesh, his brother Sanne, the personal trainer; his cousin Pey, the cook; his cousin Baba, who does landscaping/maintenance, and serves as the crew’s cameraman; and lifelong friend RazWise, a talented producer and deliveryman.

While Pey is getting things cooking in the kitchen, RazWise and Shemesh are in the lab with that heat. Watch the HOGDAILY crew on their daily hustle in the cinematic music video below.

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