Casey Veggies “Live and Grow” Feature Interview


Jerking, ratchet music, these are a couple styles that make up the new age of West Coast rap music and a resurgence of new artists from the L.A. area that have taken over the rap world.

YG, Nipsey Hussle, Ty Dolla Sign, Tyler the Creator, and now Inglewood, Calif. born and bred Casey Veggies has been given his turn.

Starting in high school, himself and rapper/creative entrepreneur Tyler the Creator founded the Odd Future rap collective recording a small yet groundbreaking mixtape titled ‘The Odd Future Tape’ in 2008 that would be the beginning of a journey of solo mixtapes, a global clothing line Peas and Carrots International, and now a feat that many rappers dream of; a major label debut album, Live and Grow, dropping September 25th.

Three singles from the album are already racking up video views and chart positions including ‘Backflip’ featuring fellow West Coast artists YG and Iamsu, ‘Tied Up’ featuring Detroit spitter Dej Loaf and his latest cut, ‘Wonderful’ featuring Ty Dolla Sign and produced by Hit Boy.

Mechanical Dummy spoke with him for an exclusive interview ahead of the album’s release.

So first of all I really like the album cover. I was wondering who is the artist behind it and how did you come up with that idea for the cover?

Casey: Thanks a lot I appreciate it. LA Creations created the album cover. The concept behind the cover was evolution just to show natural growth of a boy becoming a man. This album to me is a real coming of age project. The cover of the album was shot in my neighbourhood where I grew up at. It symbolizes a lot to me because so much has happened on that street where the cover was taken. It is a real symbolic cover symbolizing growth and becoming something

The countdown to Live and Grow has begun. What’s the excitement level looking like right now?


Casey: Excitement level is crazy man. It’s surreal. Now I’m just chillin and taking it easy. It’s definitely a milestone I’m releasing this album because I’ve been wanting to get to this moment for so long. IIt’s been 10 years almost. A lot of growth and learning stages. Now I have a body of work that I can hopefully let people hear around the world and let the music speak for itself.

So Casey, this is obviously your debut project. The work you’ve put in over the years into the album, are there are nerves you’re feeling about its release being that this culminates all the work you’ve done in your career?

Casey: I think everybody gets nervous no matter when you release a project or when you’re trying to be a great but at the same time I’m feeling good, I’m confident about the work I put in. I think the work is good, it’s something that people should tell their friends about and hopefully you guys will take a chance and hear it too.


So obviously you have two singles from the album doing well, Backflip with YG and Iamsu and Tied Up featuring Dej Loaf, but what can fans expect off the remainder of the project?

Casey: A real Casey Veggies album. The singles are definitely different. I tried to make them hit different levels for me but from the rest of the album you can expect a real Casey Veggies album. Just elevating my sound and staying in my lane and having fun doing it. The new single is out right now Wonderful with Ty Dolla Sign. I think it’s going to go crazy going into the album

How much potential do you think “Wonderful” has?

Casey: I think it’s a crazy song. Someone actually told me today it’s most added at Rhythmic Radio. I think it’s a hit

Now that we have got the album promo out of the way, were going to get to fun stuff and ask you about your social media game.

Has your money ever made a girl do a Backflip?

Casey: I think everybody’s money has made a girl do a Backflip

You said- Got a smart college chick, we put that dough together? What did you mean by that?

Casey: It means I have a smart girl who went to university and we worked together to be a team

You posted a photo of you and Kanye on Instagram and said it was the greatest picture ever, why was that?

Casey: That was my sold out show in L.A. and Kanye West came with me and Travis Scott. I’ve always followed his career and he’s an inspiration and for him to be backstage at my show was a surreal feeling

I know Kid Ink brought you out on the One Hell of a Night Tour with French Montana and Chris Brown, and Brown also supports your music, tell me how does it feel having people in the industry having your back?

 Casey: It feels great to have friends and people supporting me and the album. Nothing else to say. It just feels good

I seen you rocking the Arsenal soccer jersey on instagram? Are you a big soccer fan?

Casey: I’m definitely a soccer fan, the Arsenal swag. The culture the gear they wear, jerseys are super dope. I rock with the movement.

 Alright Casey anything else you want to add to the people out there?

Casey: Yeah support Peas and Carrots International. Get the album, September 25th.

You can currently pre-order Casey’s debut Live and Grow on ITunes now at the link below

By: Ari Perlin-Bain

Twitter: @bassiusbain


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