Paris Taurean and Naj Mahal, a Bronx-native rap duo better known together as EIFFELLIFE, share a catchy atypical revolutionary record titled “RUN IT” from their forthcoming project, . As described by the duo themselves,

“RUN IT”, in essence is orchestrated to empower the youth in the city of New York, and the children of universe.

The guys are from Sedgwick and Cedar Avenue in The Bronx, which has been referred to as the “fertile cresent” of Hip-Hop culture and art. Both members are known to be tenacious and charismatic individuals carrying an infinite amount of energy, talent, and potential. Bridging their inspiration from the true fundamentals of the culture with groundbreaking and unchartered sound, EIFFELLIFE is here to fill a void. The music is a conversation the performance is a transfer of energy. Listen to the infectious record below:

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