Interested In Atlanta & Performing At Sprat’s Unofficial A3C Event?


Atlanta always seems to be lit in October and most certainly the spot to be. With that said Sprat returns to Atlanta to curate 2 unofficial A3C shows that will surely be something that is not to be missed. After a crazy unofficial SXSW event with the likes of Post Malone, Fat Trel, Domo Genesis, Sy Ari Da Kid, Alex Wiley, Two-9, Deniro Farrar, Bizz-E Blaze, Manolo Rose, Bobby Brackins, Gunplay, Bizzy Crook and appearances by Sonny Digital, Hannibal Burress, DJ Enuff and more, Sprat looks to make Atlanta even crazier. With a lineup that is already bolstered up according to the mogul, we have our sights zoned in on his upcoming events taking place on October 7th and 11th.

Looking to grab a slot and perform on the show? Contact Sprat on Twitter @SpratFool or by email with a link for more details.

Catch Post Malone saucin’ and Manolo Rose running through Texas on Sprats “Legally Loud” event below.. (First 38 Seconds)

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