Kxng Crooked x Jonathan Hay “Axl Rose”

Kxng Crooked for The Urban Hitchcock LP

Eminem’s Slaugtherhouse emcee Kxng Crooked (fka Crooked I) joins rising producer Jonathan Hay on the controversial new single “Axl Rose” borrowing some of its racially-charged lyrics from an old Guns N’ Roses song called “One In A Million” sang by Axl Rose. The song features the explosive Southern newcomer Erik Tandy along with Truth Ali and The Reasn, who join Crooked in flipping the subject matter into a hard-hitting political anthem.

Urban Hitchcock has released a short trailer to accompany the controversial audio. This visual is Chapter Three of the ongoing Urban Hitchcock visual series that has featured Kxng Crooked and Cyhi The Prynce in previous episodes.

Professor Griff of Public Enemy can be heard on the intro to “Chapter Three: The Axl Rose Introduction” in which producer Jonathan Hay questions why a song filled with hated towards African Americans, homosexuals and immigrants is still being sold in major retail chains across the world. As Hay explains in the video, “It’s relevant because it still exists.”

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