Van Norden – “Love At First Sight” [Video]

Vancouver pop visionary Van Norden is readying his forthcoming EP, “At First Sight.” Reminiscent of acts like Alex Clare and Moby, Van Norden is clearly crafting something truly special. With lush production and a strangely epic quality to the music At First Sight sees Van Norden crafting tunes at the absolute highest level, truly EDM for the thinking man.

Using the music as the basis for a multi-media experience Van Norden has a rather distinct quality to his music. It makes sense to find out that this EDM visionary is at heart an acoustic folk musician having played for years with the LA based SPINdriftr and acting as a frequent collaborator with acoustic artists in his region. There is a divine poetry to Van Nordens mixes with their wonderfully organic sounds and a sublime approach to songwriting that sets him in a league of his own.

While we wait for the talented artist’s new project, check out his new video “Love At First Sight.”

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