Young Geniuz: A Quick Catch Up With Baby A

MD: You’ve been on a roll lately with your music. Are you happy with your growth
as an artist? What changes have you noticed in your music?
Thank you. I’m really just trying to stay consistent and versatile and give the listeners a variety of music and I feel I’ve been able to do that a lot more recently.

MD: How do you want the public to perceive you as an artist?
The hard­working sexy beast! Haha – nah, not the sexy beast part, but just hard­-working and consistent.

MD: How do you stay connected with fans when you’re busy working on your craft?
Mainly through social media and the blogs.

MD: How important is it to perform outside of the region to broaden your fanbase?
Very important. In fact, that’s one of the most important aspects, and my main goal right now.

MD: How has growing up in Denver influenced your music?
I think just growing up period with your everyday struggle has an influence. For me, just coming from the streets and idolizing rappers/actors/entertainers. Seeing them make so much money and having fun doing it is what fancied me.

MD: Who are some artists you would like to work with soon?
Dej Loaf for sure, I’m loving her sound. I’d like to even work with Adele one time! Oh and put me on
a rap track with Wayne any day and throw Chris Brown on the hook.

MD:­ What are your end of the year goals for wrapping up this year in music?
Complete #TDV2 (The Dispensary Vol.2) and hit 2016 with all new songs and videos.

MD: ­Any plans for touring any time soon?
None in concrete but that’s always part of the plan – that’s the best part.

MD: What can fans expect from Baby A in 2016?
More dope music, more dope videos, more concerts, more traveling, just more, more, more.

MD: What do you expect from yourself in 2016?
100% focus on the music.

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