Meet The Man Behind Queens-Based Brand Petrichor

Queens doesn’t get the props it deserves when it comes to style in New York. With designers like Kith’s Ronnie Fieg, this is starting to change, however. Petrichor Creative Director Frank A. Caffey is also helping out the cause with his line. After a recent hat release caught our eye (as well as many tastemakers of the city), we caught up with the designer to learn more about his brand. Check out our interview below.


Give us a little background info on yourself: where youre from, what personal style means to you, etc.

Frank: My names Frank A. Caffey, 25 year old teacher by day & CEO/Creative Director of Petrichor by life. I’m born and raised in Queens, NY. Personal style is very important to me. Style is one of the most intriguing ways to Identify with yourself. Your outfit for the day can represent/reflect your mood for your oncoming day to come.

When did you start Petrichor?

I released my first collection for Petrichor on November 17, 2013.

What was your first release?

My first release consisted of artistically placed, all over print floral tees representing the many loved ones I had lost in 2013. That year was a very tough one for me and being able to express myself through my art helped me through the journey.

What’s your mission with the brand?

My mission with Petrichor is to show my family (my customers) the Petrichor lifestyle. Just being able to embrace your inner creativity and not let anyone tell you that you aren’t a cool individual. All my art is original and solely done by me, each piece is a representation of a significant aspect of my life.

Is this your first hat release? Explain the significance of this release and why the colors were chosen, material chosen, and the subtle use of the gold P pin.

No, the first hat release came into play with the Spring•Summer’15 collection. That release consisted of the: KAMS Crown (pink), Kelly green crown & olive crown. The suede structure was chosen because we wanted to “reinvent” the everyday hat for the public. No one was wearing snapbacks anymore, fitted caps were no longer cool unless it was a Yankees fitted & the average stylish person is not going to to pay $399+ for a Don C cap. So structured suede crowns was our way of reinventing the everyday headwear for the public. In my eyes, we are kings & queens which is why I named them crowns. The gold P just represents the very subtle upper echelon style of Petrichor….color really pops and the 14k dipped “P” is the icing on the cake.


Are you proud of how the public has been receiving your hats?

Hell yea, the support Petrichor receives is phenomenal. I’m still not used to people walking up to me in Manhattan saying “Hey! You’re that Petrichor guy, dope hats bro!” Haha. It’s just so humbling and awesome to know so many people can see and understand the vision.


What are your plans for Petrichor in 2016?

SS16 will of course have new hat colorways & more original art apparel. Definitely keep an eye out for an exclusive March release. Also, my team and I might start throwing events around the country with free entry if you’re wearing a crown and give away 20-30 crowns every event. Many dope & unpredictable things are coming with the new year.


Casey Veggies in a Petrichor hat


To shop Petrichor, head to their website over here, where you can snatch a “crown” for $40, tees at the same price, and hoodies at $50.

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