Immerze – “2 Cents”

If the saying goes, “here’s a penny for your thoughts,” what’s the value of “2 Cents?” Luckily, Vancouver’s Immerze resurfaces for his 2016 debut with this new record, and calls on Sha Beats and Brevner to help him deliver the answer. While the foreboding production lays out a gloomy overview, Immerze takes the track to uncover a more positive outlook on life.

“This record is all about self motivation and coming to understand that confidence is key – but staying humble no matter what you doing in life is also necessary, although there’s nothing wrong with celebrating YOUR achievement, believing in yourself or chasing your dreams. It’s all one long ride, and that’s what this upcoming ‘Before I Go (#BIG)’ EP is all about – the journey.” – Immerze

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