Interview: Atlanta’s Phan The Konnect Man Shares His Journey

Mechanical Dummy chatted with rising emcee from Atlanta, Phan The Konnect, about his new EP, It’s Gon Be A Fee, his journey thus far, and where the future will take him. Check out the interview as well as some of Phan’s visuals here.

Mechanical Dummy: Atlanta is a booming scene for hip-hop right now, but it’s been that way for a long time. Your musical style seems to stay more true to the sound of Atlanta when it was first on the rise in hip-hop, opposed to the new wave of sound that’s coming out. Are you more of a fan of the new sound, or the true sound? What do you think of both?

Although I like the production in both new and old Atlanta, I tend to sway more towards the lyrical content of old Atlanta. But I definitely rock with both because I was exposed to both heavily.

MD: The southern rapper influence sounds are strong in your music. Who would you say inspires you most, both current and older rappers?

Pimp C, Big Krit, Lil Boosie , Master P, Outkast are definitely in my top list of influences, although the list goes on because I like artist for the moves they make, not just the music they make.

MD: Cap-1 is definitely a well-respected emcee, especially in Atlanta. What was it like working with a hometown hero like him?
Landing a track with Cap 1 was a great feeling because not only did I get to work with 2 great MCs on this record that mean so much to me and Atlanta as a whole but it raised awareness of Phan The Konnect Man and showed I can produce with the greats.

MD: Who would you like to have on your next project, ideally? Producers & rappers.
If I had a wish list for my next release I would work with Kanye, Big K.R.I.T., Rihanna, T.I. and Future.

MD: How long did it take for “It’s Gon Be A Fee” to come together? What was the process like?

It took 1 year after the tracks were picked for Its Gon Be A Fee to drop.  The process was crazy with chasing down sessions and everyday life issues going on.

MD: When can fans expect a tour from Phan Da Konnect Man?
Look out for a Phan The Konnect Man tour late 2016! 4th quarter is mine!

MD: Now that you’re riding off the success of “It’s Gon Be A Fee,” have you been working on the next project?
I stay working. Next  2 projects are being arranged now. The Get Konnected EP and Its Gone Be a Fee 2 are locked and loaded.

MD: What is your personal favorite track from the project, and why?
When I Want To is my favorite track off Its Gon Be A Fee because its real and direct, everyone can relate to it. Things have to somewhat be on your own time, in order to live a happy life.

MD: Which tracks do you plan on shooting videos for?
I plan on releasing more visuals from Its Gon Be A Fee. Bruce Lee, When I Want To, Cold Cup and the Intro are heavy contenders.

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