Rome – “Wasn’t Built In A Day” [Mixtape]

Bronx Native rapper, Rome, returns to offer up his most recent and most meaningful body of work.

Being raised between the East Side of Harlem and the Bronx, Sounds of Rome (fka. Zeuss) is a true testament to the classic phrase, “Rome wasn’t built in a day.” Under The Alias, Zeuss, he started his musical journey as a freshman in high school, releasing solo projects, Money Is The Motive, The After Effect, and The Collection.

After close to a decade of creating work as Zeuss, he needed a rebirth, a breath of fresh air. Marrying his influences from the braggadocios, legendary wrestler, Ted Dibiase, aspirations of being a comedian with his experiences as a native New Yorker, Rome was born.

“The project was inspired on new beginnings. The dead flowers represent my past life and how I wanted to leave my old self in the past and reintroduce myself to a new audience with a new sound, perspective, overall look on my present life.”

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