Apple Set to Begin Making iPhones in India by April’s End

Apple will be assembling iPhones in India by the end of April states Priyank Kharge, the IT minister for the Indian state of Karnataka. Kharge tells Bloomberg News that manufacturing will begin in the state capital of Bangalore, officially known as Bengalaru. Apple is said to be partnering with Taiwanese contract manufacturer Wistron Corp. for its Indian operations.

While Indian consumers currently buy cheaper devices likely made by Samsung and Chinese brands such as Oppo, Apple believes rising incomes will make the premium-priced iPhone more attractive over time.
With a population of around 1.3 billion, the country is seen as one of Apple’s most important long-term growth markets. Chief Executive Officer Tim Cook said on an earnings call this week that they “are in discussions on a number of things, including retail stores, and fully intend to invest significantly in the country and believe it’s a great place to be.”

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