Snap’s Spectacles Are Now Available Online

Snapchat’s parent company has finally started selling its highly sought-out Spectacles glasses online. As expected from its recent $3 billion USD IPO filing, the accessories (which were previously only available at limited locations) marks the company’s shift toward investing in hardware. Last year, when the wearables were sold from a single vending machine in NYC, hopefuls lined up along Fifth Avenue to try and snag a pair. The company has since stopped selling from its “Snapbots,” but will eventually roll out more surprise locations in the future.

Available in black, teal and coral colors, orders come with a charging case and cable. Customers in the U.S. can buy up to six per household and expect to receive their shipment in two to four weeks. Head over to Snap’s website now to purchase a pair for $129.99 USD.

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