Chris Ferg – “Tempo/Currency”

It’s been a good while since we’ve heard anything from Harlem-native rapper Chris Ferg (creatively known as KING Z3US). Instead of keeping his fans waiting for his debut album (‘Chris Ferg’ out next month via RED Distribution), he dropped two new tracks “Currency” and “Tempo” this week.

When asked what inspired both tracks “Currency” and “Tempo,” he replied with the following.

“Honestly, I felt like I was in my bag at this time. I have been recording for the project, but also as I did that, I got more comfortable with my style. Still in reflection mode of my high school years–being a raw teen is what inspired the energy for this record. I wanted to rap yet infuse my talents around the beat. [The] typical talk-shit kind of zone.”

“Same thing. [The] same message of the ultimate focus. Very much where my mindset is at now. Got the beat and instantly zoned out. Tunnel vision. Just a different side of who Z3US is.”

Check out both of KING Z3US’ tracks produced by L’Camino and LennyBuru now.

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