Interview: L.A.-Based Media Company Entertainment Gumbo Reveals Their Recipe To Success

What’s the winning recipe? Entertainment Gumbo have the winning ingredients. The L.A. based media company is pulling out all the stops and giving the social media generation an onslaught of culture content. Gumbo is a one stop media shop; new music content, cooking with world class chefs and comedic content with the best entertainers. We sat down with the founders of the company to discuss the genesis and future of the fledgling brand.

MD: How did the name Entertainment Gumbo come to fruition?

EG: I feel in order to answer that question properly, I have to mention my Growhaus brothers. Growhaus is a collective of talented individuals that came together to generate business opportunities. In one of our weekly meetings, an agenda was forming to create a network for content. I was expressing that I wanted the network to be like entertainment gumbo and one of the brothers was like –  that’s it! Entertainment Gumbo.

MD: Running original content and building a channel is very difficult. What were your biggest concerns when you started the company?

EG: I always felt we had a niche market because of all the relationships that have been cultivated in my promotional career. One of my biggest concerns was being able to curate fresh content on a consistent basis to keep an audience engaged.

MD:  Your content with new artists has been successful since the top of the year. Why did you select to host artists like Veteran Assassins and Joshh on EG?

EG: In one word, I would say “Quality.” Once we heard the artist and seen the grind associated, we wanted to be a part of expanding their careers. We took notice of the international appeal and the ability to relate to a global audience. Both acts have fans in Europe and Veteran Assassins will start touring overseas in the near future.

MD: What makes L.A. the perfect environment to launch your company?

EG: We feel L.A. is America’s Gumbo. Dreams are made here in a myriad of ways. You have Hollywood, music, legalized cannabis, yoga, etc. We feel all of this creates the ingredients to curate fresh content and bring like-minded people together. The vast cultural experience is definitely a source of inspiration to tell unbiased stories.

MD: Does EG have any big surprises or events lined up for this summer?

EG: Oh yes! We are scheduling to release our first album on May 19, 2017. “Buddy Pass” is a highly anticipated project produced by one of Chicago’s up and coming producers, Mistro Beatz. The album is a compilation of several artist associated with Mistro and showcases his cutting edge production. Veteran Eye (of Veteran Assassins) is also scheduled to release his solo album “Ghetto Scholars” project on EG in June. We also have an official Entertainment Gumbo launch party in July.

MD: How does Entertainment Gumbo differ from outlets like Revolt TV and Fuse?

EG: Man, to even be mentioned with them is a total honor. I think the major difference is the Gumbo. When I say that, I am expressing our ability to penetrate different aspects of Entertainment. With all due respect, I don’t think Fuse/Revolt will be dropping any albums or sending artists on tour anytime soon.

MD: Ten years from now, how will the general public view Entertainment Gumbo?

EG: We will be viewed as a one stop shop for fresh content. Our channel will be an online social lounge where anybody can kick their feet up and find content. We really feel we have something for everybody on our channel. The public will know that we honestly promote the best content possible and trust us for that.

MD: Would the company want it’s own digital cable channel?

EG:  If the opportunity exists and we can keep the integrity of the brand, sure… Why not? EGTV sounds pretty good ehh?

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