Artist Creates Classic ’80s and ’90s Anime T-Shirts, Available Now

Adam Ellis recently created made-up T-shirts from famous ’80s and ’90s animes. The selection includes the yellow “POSTBOY” long-sleeve worn by Piccolo from Dragonball, red “PIE PIE” and “GOOD FOR HEALTH, BAD FOR EDUCATION” T-shirts from Akira, blue “DRAGONBROTHERS 1996″ tee from CLAMP Sohryuden and a black “O.D. OF BOURGEOISIE MILK BOY MILK” long-sleeve worn by Akane Tendo from Ranma ½. A limited run is currently available on Ellis’s web store at a discounted price of $14 USD each in a plethora of colors and sizes for both men and women. Fans of these shows can finally wear the garbs of some of their favorite characters.

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