BILLY’S TOKYO Showcases Third Anniversary Special Collection Alongside Vans

To celebrate its third birthday, BILLY’S TOYKO has unveiled a special anniversary collection with pieces brought together by Vans. The range features a select group of pieces we’ve seen before, but recreated with BILLY’S TOKYO’s signature branding. Most notably, two classic Vans sneakers, the V360G and the V89R, will receive some pink-checkered motifs along the sides.

Pink is a common part of BILLY’S TOKYO, and it shows not only on the two belts but on the collection’s standout piece, the BMX Tokyo Crusher. The ride will come in one size and is priced at ¥89,424 ($800 USD). The collection is available for pre-order now and will be officially available on BILLY’S TOKYO’s website. Click here to check out the BILLY’S TOKYO 3rd Anniversary Microsite and make sure to see the early collaboration between BILLY’S TOKYO and Vans.

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