Canon Finally Introduces the EOS 6D Mark II

The successor to Canon‘s EOS 6D full-frame camera is here in the EOS 6D Mark II. It improves on the former model in nearly every way, featuring more connection options, better resolution, and faster autofocus. The Mark II captures 26.2 million pixels, a 30 percent upheaval from the older model; as well as having a Digic 7 processor that allows users to shoot at 6.5fps continuously and grab a maximum of 150 JPEG or 21 RAW images before the buffer fills. The new 45 point cross-type system is supposed to make autofocus faster, as is the dual-pixel autofocus when it comes to better speed in liveview mode. It also features a 1.04 million dot monitor with a touchscreen and “vari-angle” adjustment, making it easier to switch between touch shutter and focus when shooting video. It’s also Wi-Fi, Bluetooth 4.0, and NFC enabled.

The EOS 6D Mark II doesn’t have 4K capabilities, something that mirrorless, high-end compact, and smartphone cameras possess. Canon instead is opting for 1080p, 60fps for the Mark II at a $2,000 USD price point. The camera does offer the HDR Movie feature though, which gives users more detail in black and highlights areas at up to 1080p/29.97fps. The EOS 6D Mark II arrives in the US and UK in late July 2017 with the body available for $1,999 USD (£1,999 GBP), $2,599 USD (£2,379 GBP) with Canon’s EF 24-105 f/3.5-5.6 mid-range zoom, and $3,099 USD for the high-end EF 24-105mm f/4.0 zoom.

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