Nintendo Unveils the Japan Exclusive Mini Super Famicom

In a quick follow up from Nintendo’s recent announcement of its miniature SNES Classic Edition launching in the U.S. and it’s European parallel releasing exclusively across the pond, the multinational electronics giant fired right back revealing its Japan-only Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom. Based on the system’s original design, the Japanese release sits on par with its regional counterparts, though, differs in its accompanying games.

The Super Famicom version will come with the following: Panel de Pon, Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem, Ganbare Goemon: The Legend of the Mystical Ninja, Super Soccer, and Super Street Fighter II, which will replace EarthBound, Kirby’s Dream Course, Street Fighter II Turbo, Super Castlevania IV, and Super Punch-Out from the U.S. version.

The Nintendo Classic Mini: Super Famicom hits shelves on October 5 for a price of $70 USD.

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