Tone Eyeful – “Open Season”

Tone Eyeful announces it’s “Open Season” with his latest single.

On the nearly three-minute track, Tone covers a barrage of topics, including seeing his peers lose their lives and keeping your eye on the prize through discouragement: “Pops told me ‘Get a job’ but I told him if I ever settled I know would feel dead alive/I been reaching for my dreams/Seen a lot of fakes, don’t even know the real/Couple n*ggas that I fed reaching for my meal/F*ck up out my grill/Tell me n*gga, how you feel?”

Throughout the track the emerging lyricist displays a talent for switching his style up while remaining clever with impressive wordplay and a catchy hook.

Check it out and keep an ear out for Tone’s next project “Loss of Consciousness” due out later this summer.

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