Alpha Industries Teamed up with Hasbro & BAIT for a ‘G.I. Joe’ Military L-2B Flight Jacket

Alpha Industries, Hasbro, and BAIT have joined forces to create the G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket. The outerwear piece is a classic bomber silhouette inspired by the L-2B Alpha officially produced for the military. This jacket is a lightweight variation that features a matte nylon shell with a nylon lining that is reversible to a G.I. Joe pop-art graphic print. The front and back features yoke patch in woodland camo. The piece is breathable as well as water resistant. Also available is a collectible of G.I. Joke Dude wearing a mini version of the jacket.

The G.I. Joe L-2B Flight Jacket retails for $200 USD and is available on Alpha e-commerce site, as is the collectible.

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