My Silent Bravery – “Got It Going On”

“Got it Going On” is the latest single from MSB, and it serves the first single from the eagerly awaited album “Willing to Try”. “Got It Going On” was recently featured on XM Sirius Satellite radio station XM The Pulse on Train Tracks with Pat Monahan and the video premiered via the Huffington Post. The album features twelve tracks and will be released in 3 separate Eps over the next year. Sonically, the new songs blend modern synths and keyboards along with acoustic guitars and atmospheric electrics. The album was co-written and produced by Jim McGorman (Gwen Stefani, Avril Levine, Poison). Jim had the following to say about working with Matt. “Matt is a true artist in that he has definitive views on a wide range of subjects and isn’t afraid to put himself out there. Connecting people through music is very important to him, and I respect him for that. He is also very honest in his creativity, and I think that comes through in his vocal performances. ”

Watch the new video here!

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