ALIFE Creates a Limited Edition Hoodie for the ‘Game of Thrones’ “Rep the Realm” Collection

After seeing drops from Carrots, V/SUAL and Dee & Ricky, HBO’s Game of Thrones “Rep the Realm” collection now turns to ALIFE.

ALIFE partner and general manager Treis Hill jumped on this opportunity to create a limited edition hoodie and button set for the groundbreaking show. For the collaboration, the New York-based label matched its logo with GoT‘s and HBO’s. The brightly-colored pins can be added and removed, allowing for fans to “customize [the sweatshirt] in their own special way,” Hill described. “Strong logos from all three brands and the buttons represent the stories of all the families in the game.”

For a chance to win the Game of Thrones x ALIFE hooded sweatshirt, head over to ALIFE’s Instagram or Twitter and follow with the #RepTheRealm hashtag. Winners will be announced live after this Sunday’s episode airs.

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