Billionaire Boys Club Releases ‘Game of Thrones’ Varsity Jacket For “Rep the Realm” Collection

Billionaire Boys Club is the next streetwear label to collaborate with HBO on its ongoing “Rep the Realm” series for Game of Thrones. The New York City-based boutique has created a limited edition varsity jacket for the line that features embroidered sigils from the most popular houses in the cult franchise. Moreover, the jacket is predominantly swathed in tonal black alongside white and grey detailing.

“When we were offered to participate in a project with Game of Thrones, we immediately went to our roots and contacted Sk8thg in Japan to come up with a special varsity jacket design,” said Greg Locsin, the creative assistant at BBC. “He came back with a few options, but it was clear that the various family crests, which stood out to us the most, were the best direction for the jacket. What better way to ‘Rep the Realm’ than with a classic varsity, plastered with patches and embroideries?”

Head over to BBC’s Instagram or Twitter and follow with the #RepTheRealm hashtag to win the varsity jacket. Winners will be announced live after this Sunday’s finale.

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