“Dreams” by Rustam QBic in Shanghai, China

Rustam Qbic recently visited Shanghai, China, taking part in the Color, Way of Love, Art + City Project there. For this occasion he painted a new large mural titled “Dreams” showing constant progression and evolution of his visual language and technique.

Persistent about creating works that carry universal messages and celebrate life, youth and the future, Russian artist painted a surreal piece depicting a young boy blowing bubbles that form impossible shapes. The bubbly, playful image is accented with the painterly approach and technique which the artist used to paint the floating bubbles. Spreading thick layers of paint with his hands, he achieved stronger contrast between the background and the boy’s creations, creating a simple illusion of depth along the way. Inspired by the boundlessness and creativity of children’s fantasy, this 5 story mural celebrates human creativity that has it’s roots at the earliest age.

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