POW! WOW! Korea’s Recap Video Brings Seoul to Life

Back in September, a plethora of stunning street art was created at the first ever POW! WOW! Korea. And now, a video directed by Andrew Tran of Redefined Media has been created to showcase the best pieces from the eight-day event.

The mural-centered art festival, that has been ongoing for the past eight years, has taken place in a number of cool spots, including Hawaii, Washington DC, Tokyo, and Tapei, before arriving in Seoul for the 2017 event. The event acts as a melting pot for artists from across the world and works to expose the public to innovative art and music. POW! WOW! founder Jasper Wong stated, ”POW! WOW! has three main missions. One, it is to bring people together through creative pursuits. Two, to educate the youth and public about art and music through workshops, programming, and schools. Three, to beautify communities with art and color.” You can watch the POW! WOW! Korea recap video above and let us know which mural you enjoyed the most.

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