Shade Valintino – “Rulez” ft. ITsFI

Long Island, NY-based rapper Shade Valintino is building a huge movement one fan at a time.Shade is an explosive entertainer. He can sing, rap, dance, and write. Moreover, Shade Valintino is a member of the very popular Vali Boyz Crew, which consists of Shade, ITsFI, Izmatic, and DJ Face Da Villain.

Shade’s music is raw, intense and personal. However, he has songs that can rock a nightclub as well. Part of what makes Shade so intriguing is his ability to connect with the listener. Equally important, he is planning to release his highly anticipated debut album entitled “Small Budget Big Dreams.” The first single off of the album is the hit song “Rulez” feat ItsFI. The music video to the song is bold and profound. The editing is sleek.

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