Banksy Launches “Alternativity” Event at Walled Off Hotel

Banksy recently launched a “festive spectacular” at the Walled Off Hotel in Bethlehem entitled “Alternativity” this past Sunday. As per Juxtapoz, the elusive artist created two new pieces on the Israeli West Bank Barrier that comment on the birth of Jesus Christ. One of the artworks portrays two angels destroying the barrier with a crowbar. The other piece is a text-based mural featuring “Peace on Earth, terms and conditions apply” lettering alongside Banksy’s take on the Star of Bethlehem. Accompanying the pieces is a site-specific performance helmed by artists Rihaam Issac and Danny Boyle.

Collectively, “Banksy is pointing out the fragile notion of peace that is under constant threat in this delicate region due to its rich and intense history,” stated art writer Sasha Bogojev. Take a look at the photos above and learn more about Alternativity by visiting the Walled Off Hotel’s official website.

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