The Zanco Tiny T1 Is the World’s Smallest Fully-Functioning Phone

If you miss the days of Nokia small phones, a Kickstarter campaign created by Clubit New Media, Ltd. presents the Zanco Tiny T1.

Standing at less than 2 inches (47 mm), its dubbed the world’s smallest fully-functioning phone which can make calls and send texts. According to the funding page, Tiny T1 stores 300 contacts, 50 texts and the last 50 in/out numbers. Other features include a changeable nano-SIM, OLED screen and 13 voice changers. Supposedly, the little phone’s battery can last 3 days over 180 minutes talk time. However, a possible drawback, the phone operates on the rather outdated 2G network. In the featured video, Clubit touts T1’s compact size, option as a backup phone and even suggests it as a purposeful icebreaker for conversations.

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