DMP Jefe – “Slayed” [Video]

Little Rock-raised and L.A.-based artist DMP Jefe releases his debut single “Slayed.” Produced by veteran tastemaker and underground favorite CardoGotWings, we find Jefe and his fellow DMP member Beedy trading witty pop culture references about their pesos-driven commitments.

Jefe opens his verse in reference to the never-old Ray-J, Fabolous rant:
“Shoot your wifey like I’m Ray J, b*tch we popping out with AK’s, We gon shoot up where you hang at, make you p*ssy n*ggas vacate…”

Beedy then comes in and refers to the never lacking and always equipped character played by Will Smith in the Men In Black series:
“Blunts to the face, I’m smiling like I just beat a case; I’m Will Smith off Men In Black, cause I keep a K”

Along with the release, the 20-year old unloads a catchy after dark visual, capturing the song’s mellow vibe. From a smooth exchange of getaway vehicles, to counting money in their safe house, Jefe and his crew are focused on organized victories. “Slayed” sets the stage for Jefe’s forthcoming EP A Wolf In Sheep’s Clothing, expected to drop some time this Summer. With more music and visuals on the way, fans have an opportunity to explore the world of the Arkansas bred artist and soon-to-be hip-hop mainstay.

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