LG’s G7 ThinQ Will Have Loudest Mobile Speakers Ever

LG has unveiled the latest feature of the upcoming G7 ThinQ and this time it’s sound-related. The “Boombox Speaker” aims to increase the phone’s sound levels by “more than 6dB with twice the amount of bass.” According to LG, this means that this phone will be more than 10 times louder than a usual smartphone.

While it’s not fully explained how the company has made this happen, a leaked picture shows that the speaker uses the phone’s entire body instead of just speaker outputs. For headphone users, the phone will use a Hi-Fi Quad DAC, allowing for high-end headphones to experience the full range of sound. There’s also the addition of DTS: X support, which will bring 3D surround sound to the user regardless of what headphones are used.

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