Calvin Klein Jeans Debuts Andy Warhol “Self Portrait” Collection

Calvin Klein‘s Jeans imprint and the Andy Warhol Foundation join for a new collection of collaborative goods. Though Calvin Klein has issued underwear and other goods emblazoned with Warhol imagery, this is Jeans’s first take on the artist’s legacy.

Encompassing staple pieces like tees, sweaters, sneakers and jeans, the drop showcases a host of vibrant, bi-color prints executed in Warhol’s inimitable pop art style. Dubbed “Self Portraits,” the release takes its name to heart, offering a series of self-shot photograph portraits taken by Warhol over the span of his career. The prints vary in color and dimension, with contrasting images taking up a great deal of real estate on bags and hoodies, but scaled down to fit over the rear pockets of jeans.

Shop the new range on the Calvin Klein website.

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