Dephree – “Man on Freeway Sign” ft. Jenvoix & Gunny H [Video]

Signed to 9:19 Music Group, rapper Dephree is being called iconic and legendary after one of his antics hit national news. Dephree achieved “legendary” status on Wednesday, June 27th, when he shut down the 110 Freeway in Downtown Los Angeles, wearing nothing but his boxers and noted Ewing shoes. Dephree scaled and adorned the Wilshire Blvd exit sign with environmental protest banners while dancing, freestyle rapping, spreading awareness, taking vape breaks, and even evading police capture for nearly three hours. To complete his mission, Dephree blessed the nation with an epic backflip off the freeway sign onto an inflatable mattress landing.

One reporter described it as a “backflip into eternity.”

Although a nuisance to many stuck in traffic on the freeway, the internet and even some commuters have found Dephree enchanting and heroic.

A Spectator tweeted, “Dephree is the superhero America deserves right now.”

Another tweet said, “You’re a living legend.”

One commuter tweeted, “…not fun, but I’ll forgive you, because of the backflip ending.”

Having a prominent following alongside several hip hop publications, Dephree called upon his 9:19 Music Group colleagues to aid in the use of his platform to breed awareness to the smoggiest city in the nation through his passion- music. Shortly after Dephree’s freeway protest, he released a song produced by King Graint called “Man on Freeway Sign” featuring Jenvoix and Gunny H.

Regardless of how you perceive the stunt, this 29-year-old rap artist has ingeniously found a way to spread his stance against pollution on an illustrious scale. Immediately prompting the freeway protest, Dephree and his music producer King Graint released a music video furthering his cause in a humorous and genuinely fun, loving manner. From gliding on a scooter down Skid Row with pizza, to playing a game of tag with strippers, the attention-grabbing visuals hold the same messages that Dephree protested atop the 110 Freeway.

Dephree is a living representation of living your life to the fullest…with a passion…and for a cause!

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