Jordn – “Yeah 3x” + Exclusive Q+A

Jordn has a singular focus. The LA transplant has a narrow focus with a universal understanding: live with purpose. His debut single “Somethin” is a dutiful anthem that measures his ambitions against the responsibilities to his family. It’s equally motivating and poignant; a humbling perspective against the backdrop of a cinematic soundscape. That’s the formula. A unique talent with a visceral worldview, Jordn is the pop conscious of the millennial. Check out his latest video for “Yeah 3x” and an exclusive Q+A we did with him here!

1) Michael Jordan and Michael B Jordan are world renowned for being at the top of their respective crafts. Do you envision yourself becoming the 3rd pillar on the Jordan cultural phenomenon?

How could I let my brothers down, the legacy gotta continue, right? No relation by the way. I do envision myself becoming the best at my craft, the best at what I do, so that’s definitely in the stars for me. Shout out to a legend and a legend in the making.

2) LA is known to be the home of the transplant. What’s the biggest difference between your hometown and LA culture?

The biggest difference is that here in L.A. its a melting pot, it’s diverse, it’s multicultural and I love it, you’ll probably meet people from every nook and cranny of the world here. It’s great. Oh, and Koren BBQ is amazing.

3) A lot of your music has an ominous cinematic tone. Can we expect music that’s more punctuated/aggressive/short?

That question made me think of ‘Worst Behavior’ by Drake. I’m sure I’ll get to that point. I don’t like to think about the type of music I create, I just like to create. The music I make is ultimately a reflection of me and how I feel in the moment. So can you you expect it? Yes, there will be a moment for everything.

4) Your songwriting is more measured than the average Hip-Hop act. What do you think of the Lil Pumps and Lil Yachtys of the world?

I think they should keep doing what they do best and keep creating the art that their fans love them for. They are part of the culture and they should be embraced as such.

5) Hip-Hop at large is shifting drastically every six months. How will you stand out amidst your competition with so much change happening?

By continuing to make good music, that’s all there is to it in my opinion, – staying true to me and telling my story through the music. Your story is your standout factor as an artist – that’s what makes fans want to ride for you.

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