Yayoi Kusama’s Giant ‘Tulips’ Invade Marciano Art Foundation in LA

Following a residency at David Zwirner Galleries in New York City, Yayoi Kusama’s With All My Love for the Tulips, I Pray Forever installation is now situated at the Marciano Art Foundation in Los Angeles, California. The immersive artwork is a larger version (approximately 1,700 square feet) than the one at Zwirner, taking up the LA institution’s entire space on the third floor. Accompanying the installation is a selection of Kusama works that date back to the 1980s spanning infinity net paintings and giant tulip sculptures.

In regards to the attendance at the forthcoming launch this July 26, Marciano deputy director Jamie G. Manne told the LA Times, “We do anticipate lines. We hope people will get excited about it. But the thing about Marciano Art Foundation is, we really limit the number of people who are allowed in at any one time.” The gallery is planning to only let 15-20 people enter the installation at a time.

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