BAPE Releases Eccentric Mix Camo Range

After prepping fans for its upcoming collection with The Weeknd, streetwear stalwart BAPE has just unveiled its latest range full of Mix Camo goodies.

The eccentric range features essential goodies including hoodies, crewneck sweaters, T-shirts, sweatpants and shorts, along with the label’s fan favorite Shark Face Hoodie. What makes this range so special is an array of variously colored camo has been patched together to form each item. Ranging from purple, blue, red, yellow, orange and green hues, each camo’d item is then finished off with BAPE’s ubiquitous Ape Head and “A Bathing Ape” motif.

BAPE’s Mix Camo range releases in stores this Saturday, August 4 ranging from $175 – $479 USD.

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