Panasonic Unveils Lumix LX100 II Compact Camera

Panasonic has revealed the next iteration of the Lumix LX100, the II model. The key change in this model is the higher resolution of 17-megapixels, with the previous camera using just 12.8-megapixels. In addition to this, there’s also been a distinct focus on lowering noise in the images, even at high ISO levels, meaning you’ll be able to have cleaner imagery even at the maximum ISO of 25,600.

There’s also a newly-included touchscreen, which will make it easier to manually set focus points and exposure. A number of other features have been carried over from the LX100, such as the Leica 24-75mm f/1.7-2.8 lens, 11 fps max AF-S shooting speed and 4K video capture capability. The Panasonic Lumix LX100 camera costs $999 USD and will be available in October.

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